About Us


Kyie Eling



Eling Strata Management was established in September 2017 by Carl Eling Licensed Strata Manager with twenty years industry experience, managing a diverse portfolio of company title, residential, commercial, community, industrial & BMC strata schemes. Being a Member of the Owners Corporation Network, Strata Community Australia, an Owner/appointed Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Strata Committee, we appreciate client’s needs and relate to matters that may rise from time to time.

We provide personalised professional strata services, in depth knowledge of legislative and compliance requirements, access to high quality local trades, and competitive fees.

Efficient, conscientious and with a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, we bring our experience, confidence and skills to the challenge of strata management, with effective team collaboration and providing clients with the information and resources they need to enjoy a successfully run strata scheme.